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Ellie Gooden is just settling in for her first winter in Horizon when Patti and Earl Mough’s young eco-warrior son Josh stops in town with three members of his organization, including media darling and local boy Link Fairweather. Everyone is thrilled to see him but what should be a joyful reunion quickly goes south. It’s clear that Josh’s co-workers are a nest of vipers, and worse, his parents are facing a zoning crisis championed by the Mayor and his pet real estate developer that could cost the Moughs a sizeable portion of their land.

Things only get worse when Link Fairweather is found dead in the Mough’s north pasture, with Josh’s winter scarf beneath his body. Josh is immediately arrested and nearly everyone in town thinks Josh is guilty. Everyone except Ellie. It’s up to Ellie to clear Josh of the charges before he’s formally indicted, or her dear friends, the Moughs, could not only lose their business but their eldest son too.

With Charlie on hand to help her, Ellie sets out to find the real killer before all hope is lost – or someone else winds up dead.