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An unwelcome call from Lacey, an old college friend, bodes trouble for Ellie Gooden, long-time Wiccan and proprietor of The Sacred Caff Coffee Shop in Horizon, Wisconsin. Ellie reluctantly agrees to help her friend although it means returning to Chicago, the last place on earth she wants to go. Sure that Lacey is being the grand manipulator and drama queen she’d always been, Ellie drags her feet getting there, only to discover she’s too late. Lacey is dead.
Chicago PD insists it was just a random street crime, but Lacey’s ghost, who has attached herself to Ellie, violently disagrees. It’s up to Ellie, her best friend Kate, and ex-cop turned PI, Charlie McCallum, to uncover who killed Lacey and why. As Ellie jumps into the familiar world of sordid office politics at Lacey’s workplace, she unearths secrets that could destroy personal and professional lives. Haunted by her own demons as well as Lacey’s ghost, Ellie is determined to give Lacey the justice her murdered parents never got – and put the hosts of the past to rest.