Friday Dance Party


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Extra Special today!  ELO – Mr. Blue Sky!  Can’t not dance to this one.  Sadly, I couldn’t find a good vid from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 showing Baby Groot shakin’ his groove thang to this tune, but if you’ve seen the movie, you can imagine it.  And if you haven’t…  Egad, man, what on earth are you waiting for??  Go.  Immediately.  Stop reading this!  Get to a theatre ASAP!  Happy Friday!

Friday Dance Party!


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Take a trip in the Wayback machine with me today!

A blast form the past, this song had me bopping in my chair this morning.  Big shout out to one of my best friends (yes, you, Mr. U) for reminding me of this tune.  Ah, I love me some Rick!

Speak to the Sky by Rick Springfield



Character Interview- Charlie McCallum Redux

Had a really terrific time the other day with author and interviewer Kelly Blanchard, who interviewed a character from my Coffee & Crime Mystery series, the inestimable Charlie McCallum.  Check it out and get a peak inside Charlie’s head first-hand!  Also, make sure you check out ALL her character interviews, with characters from many books and many genres, at her website, Meeting with the Muse.  They are a blast to read and I’ll bet, based on the characters you meet, you’ll find some books to add to your TBR (To-Be-Read) list!

Over the last year or so, I’ve interviewed many of Nan Sampson’s characters. One of those characters was Charlie. If you would like to read the first interview I conducted with him, you can find it on Nan Sampson’s site here: In this interview, I was able to catch up with Charlie and see […]

via Character Interview: Nan Sampson’s Charlie — Meeting With The Muse