So writing is a balancing act.  Much like Icarus, I need to fly high… but not so high the sun melts the wax holding my wings together.  Lately… okay, more than lately, I’ve barely managed to get above the treeline.  Taller trees tend to knock me flat.  And trust me, getting airborne again either involves a lot of running or jumping off cliffs.  I’m not fond of either.

So how do I manage it?  Keeping aloft, and yet not getting to close to the sun?

That’s what I intend to explore in this blog.  I’m currently flying low.  What the flyboys call coming in under the radar.  I need some lift, and my flaps seem to be stuck.  Or my engine’s stalling.  Or maybe I’m just out of gas.  And you know how dicey mid-air re-fuelings can be.

I’m longing to gain some altitude.  I’ve actually forgotten what it felt like being up there, way high, the heat of that golden orb burning my skin.  But somehow, I’ve got to get there again.  And at the moment, the only thing I can think to do is to flap harder.  I’ll let you know how that works out!