So I spent the weekend with some really wonderful women who are also writers. At a small lake house in southern Wisconsin. In the winter. To say it was an amazing weekend doesn’t seem to do justice to it. But the most amazing part (aside from great company, lots of laughs, scrumptious food and beautiful scenery) was what I managed to accomplish. I got through the first read thru of the first novel in my new mystery series. And I discovered two things. First, revisions aren’t as hard or as scary as I imagined they would be. And second, I don’t suck anywhere near as bad as I thought I did!

Yes, there are some plot holes. So those will need filling in. And yes, there are some pesky little slow points and places that just plain didn’t track with the rest of the flow. And of course, I haven’t even begun to line edit for fun things like word crutches and tightening up passive construction. But I’m just so thrilled to have gotten through the first pass successfully. I had created such angst even contemplating a revision that it had become a process to be avoided at all costs. A fearful, toothsome monster that squatted at the doorway to success, sneering at me, muttering, “You shall not pass”, turning me away every time I dared approach.

But I confronted that monster, and amid the joyous and supportive bosom of my writerly friends, won freedom from it.

Of course, now there is more work to be done. Scenes to write. Passages to cut. Holes to plug. But I can see my way through to it now, and it’s work I understand. And in a matter of weeks, I’ll finally be able to say, yes, truly, this is done.

And then I get to start all over again on something new. But this time, without the fear of being unable to really finish it!