Kelly Blanchard interviews li’l ole me! Can we say ‘vibrating with excitement’? Yes and in five languages! Check it out below.

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard, and Nan was written by Nan Sampson Bach)

“Another interview in the garden,” Kelly mused as she meandered the clearing, passing through shadow and sunlight. The gardens of Cuskelom were a popular choice for those people who she was interviewing, and Kelly briefly wondered if she should someday change the garden to those of Elddon or ask Sarah if she could borrow those of Aquila.

But for now, Kelly waited and finally took a seat on a fallen log near the stream where she watched the clear shallow, clear water run. If she was here for too long, she’ll slip into her imagination and might not realize when her visitor arrived.

However, she didn’t have to wait long when someone touched her shoulder. Kelly snapped her gaze around and found her assassin, Vixen, standing there. Kelly narrowed her eyes. “Please don’t tell me…

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