Thought you might like little peek at what’s going on in Ellie’s world right now.  Pretty much the usual… murder, mayhem, flying vases…  Enjoy!

Even though it was late, Ellie didn’t feel like sleeping. Once up in the little room with the sunshine colored walls, she set out her portable altar, cast a circle of protection and sat for over an hour in the middle, trying to ground and center and talk to the Goddess. It took her longer than usual to slide into a meditative state. Her thoughts were scattered, jumping from one thing to another. She had just about decided to give up when she heard a loud thunk.
Her eyes flew open. The ladder back chair in front of the little antique secretary lay on its side on the floor. Now how had that happened? She glanced around, saw nothing, but even as she stood slowly, she felt the hair on her arm stand on end.

There was energy in the room.

She put out a hand, felt something pushing at the bubble of protective energy she’d created when she’d cast her circle. Something dark and angry.

Abruptly, the light on the dresser flickered then went out.  Ellie pushed imaginary roots from the bottoms of her feet down through the first floor of the house, down through the basement and into the earth beneath, looking to connect to the Goddess. When she felt completely centered and grounded, she reached out her left hand, her receptive hand, and tried to sense whatever lay beyond her circle of protection. Immediately, she felt anger and pain and an image of Lacey came into her head.
Ellie almost relaxed her guard, now knowing at least the source of the energy. “Pissed, are you?” she asked the spirit.
An object came flying at her then skittered around the edge of her circle and slammed into the wall behind the head of the bed with an enormous bang. Ellie was shocked. She’d never met a spirit that had been able to manifest itself enough to affect physical objects. Lacey must be both furious AND powerful. That scared Ellie a little – it was no secret that Lacey had dabbled in darker forms of magick. Doing her best to keep the fear from her voice, she crossed her arms over her chest. “You don’t scare me, Lacey. I’m sorry you’re mad, but I only spoke the truth and you know it.”

The lamp on the dresser flickered back on again, just in time for Ellie to see a faint ripple in the air, like a heat wave. There was a sense of pressure on her protective circle and then a sensation in her gut of something snapping or popping. Frigid air suddenly surrounded her and she felt herself being blown back and off her feet. She fell against the end of the bed, caught herself and pulled herself upright with the help of one of the bed’s posters. The force of the attack frightened her, but backing down was not an option, ever, with a spirit. “You still don’t scare me.”

There was a flash of movement, something she couldn’t quite focus on, and a second later the painting of a seaside cottage that hung on the wall by the door suddenly crashed to the floor. The glass over the print shattered, spraying her feet and legs with needle-sharp splinters.

There was a sound out in the hall, and Ellie heard someone say, “What the hell, Gooden?”

Damn that idiot.  What the hell was he doing out there? “Stay out, McCallum. And keep Kate out.” She had to protect her friend – whether Kate appreciated being protected or not.
The door to her room opened just as the alarm clock from her nightstand flew towards her, nailing her in the shoulder. 
Charlie stood in the doorway, eyes wide. “Jesus wept!”

An icy gust of air swirled around Ellie and then a vase of flowers from the dresser hurtled towards her, catching her on the side of the head.
“Damn!” She dropped to one knee, felt warm blood on her fingers. Pulling up energy through the soles of her feet, she envisioned glowing light surrounding her then extended the bubble of protective light to Charlie. Feeling as shielded as she was likely going to be, she turned to face the seething mass of angry energy that raced around the room like a spiritual cyclone. “Get out, Lacey! You don’t belong here anymore!”