Another great post from author Kristen Lamb. As a marketing professional in my “day job”, this hit home. THe post also gave me that shot in the arm I needed after looking at last year’s sales numbers. So no worries… I’m not giving up yet! Read on and I guarantee you will find yourself nodding your head.

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I know a lot of authors feel overwhelmed in the digital age of publishing and that is perfectly understandable. But today I would like to pan back and maybe offer a refreshed perspective to keep you pressing.

Today we face the challenge of creating a brand. But you might be thinking, “What exactly is a brand?” There is a lot of misinformation floating around so that is a reasonable question to ask.

A brand is the power of a name to drive sales. Our name alone compels action.

No easy task. Overcoming inertia is critical for any author who wants to make a living doing this writing thing. In an age of instant? This is going to take a while, but hopefully I can help 😉 .

But first…

The Struggle is NOT New


Publishers have always struggled to help authors create a brand. This is NOT a new thing…

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